Rent worry-free

Lease your property to Elevest and experience reliable long term tenancy.

We transform properties into exquisitely furnished short term accommodations with concierge services.

Why Rent to Elevest?

Reliable Rent

Vacancies and non-paying tenants are a worry of the past. Our multi-year lease and financial backing provides year over year rental income.

Exceptional Upkeep

With numerous deep cleanings each month, your property has never looked so great.

Maintenance & Repair

We coordinate maintenance and repairs, alleviating the need for costly property management.

How it works


We schedule a walk through and determine if your property will be a good fit.


We make an offer and generate a custom master lease for your property.


We exquisitely decorate, install smart home tech, and make minor improvements.


We frequently deep clean and coordinate maintenance and repairs at no cost.

Properties We Lease


  • Single Family home
    We prefer houses with 3+ bedrooms, 2+ bathrooms, a finished basement, and off-street parking.
  • Condos
    The ideal apartment has off-street parking, a fitness center on site, and access to public transit.
  • Basement rental units
    We even lease finished basements with a separate exterior entrance, 1+ bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and off-street parking.

Ready to Rent?

Let Elevest turn your rental property into a worry-free revenue stream. Contact us today to get started.

Let Us Do the Work.

Rental Property Management.
Reliable maintenance and repair services.
Reliable rent.
Exceptional upkeep.

Want a Vacation Rental?

Discover the unique opportunities we have for vacation rentals and vacation rental management.

Let us manage your rental property.

Let us manage your rental property.

Ready for worry-free rent?

Ready for worry-free rent?